Proa Medical develops and commercializes innovative medical devices derived from unmet clinical needs. Developed in partnership with leading physicians, Proa Medical's products are taken from concept through regulatory processes to commercial medical practice.



Access to Innovation

Proa Medical’s expertise and relationships in industry and academia uniquely position it to identify and obtain rights to promising early-stage medical technologies from universities in Southern California. Proa Medical has established a solid network of suppliers, consultants, and service providers to complement its strengths and to cost-effectively accelerate time to market.

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Experienced Team

Proa Medical’s team possesses a wide array of strengths and competencies, including extensive education and experience in the practice of medicine and commercializing medical technologies. The management team has significant experience in product development, quality systems, and FDA compliance; while Proa's advisors offer a wealth of clinical and industry experience.

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Addressing Unmet Needs

There is a strong need for a company that can quickly and cost-effectively navigate all of the challenges to bring physicians’ novel medical devices to market. Proa believes that its expertise in identifying unmet clinical needs and obtaining rights to university-based medical device inventions, combined with its efficient product development and business acumen, give the company a unique array of capabilities in a growing industry.

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